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If while living you fail to find yourself,to know yourself,
how will you be able to understand the secret of your existence when you die?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ancient manuscript Review 02 : Mini handwritten Quran

This is a mini handwritten Quran acquired from Lebanon in 2008.
Scroll down to see the full spec.
The thing that make this Quran interesting is its small hexagonal size. Its dimension is 30 x x 35 mm. This is a rare piece. This Quran is nicely written in black ink and heading in red. At the end of the page , the name of the copiyst is stated but I couldn't decipher it due to its small writing. The date is 1050 AH (1640CE)

Quran Specs :
Complete Koran
30 x 35 mm
red leather binding
Clear Naskhi script in black ink with red headings
Copiyst : Indecipherable
Date : 1050 AH ( 1640 CE)

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  1. this is in my wishlist. have never come across one for sale. you're lucky!